Mutenka Additive Free Face and Hair Care


Additive Free Hair Care Series Line of Product

Benefits of Using the Product

  • Mutenka Shampoo no dye, chemicals, fragrance and formulated for sensitive skin type.
  • Combination of natural outcomes from coconut and natural plants.
  • No silicon included which can damage scalp.
  • Protect scalp itchiness, hair fall and damage.
  • This is 2 in 1 shampoo so no need to use conditioner.

****This is Japan No (1) shampoo which is awarded .“The Best cosmetic award”. Allergy tested*****

Line of Product

Benefits of Using the Product

Cow Brand Additive Free Face Care Series is free from dye, fragrance, and preservatives such as paraben and quality stabilizer. We use only the carefully-selected raw materials, and apply allergy tested formulation.

***** Allergic reaction may still occur in some people.*****


It contains plant-derived cleansing agent for facial wash, and plant-derived oil for make-up remover. We carefully select the mild cleansing agents for the daily skin. For example, foaming facial wash contains plant-derived amino acid-based cleansing agents that are very mild to the skin.


Every product of Cow Brand Additive Free Face Care Series contains of olive squalane as a plant-derived moisturizing factor. Olive squalane is a natural moisturizing factor containing olive. Olive squalane helps retain essential moisture for delicate skin, and maintains fine-textured, smooth and beautiful skin with moisture-rich effects.