Milky Body Shower Series

Soap Fragrance

Rose Fragrance

Fruity Fragrance

*Pricing is different in every store

Line of Product

Milky Body Soap has been a best-selling brand since its launch in 1998 and has recently secured its 3rd place in japan’s liquid soap market. With three irresistible scents to choose from – classic Soap, relaxing Floral & invigorating Citrus ,every bath is a fresh & exiting experience.

Benefits of Using the Product

  • Make your body feels clean, fresh and relaxed with 4 types of fresh fragrances, such as mild soap, relax floral, refresh citrus, and happy fruity fragrance
  • Plenty creamy foam maintains your skin’s natural moisture, keeps it smooth and soft
  • Contains three kinds of milk to make moist skin.
    • Milky Ceramide*
    • Milky Powder**
    • Milky Protein***

Sphingomyelin**Skim milk ***Hydrolyzed casei