There is an old saying here, “business as slow but steady pace of the cow”. For us, the “cow” trade-mark is not just something we put on our products. It symbolizes the spirit and posture of our company policy. The cow does not know how to turn back and can only go forward with tenacious perseverance. It is a good example for us to follow. Also being very mild and docile in disposition and yet with much vitality, it is liked very much by everybody.

Our company was established in 1909. We incorporated our company from private management in 1931 and under our “quality first” policy, manufactured and sold superior quality beauty soaps.

Factory finished in 1928

Prior to World War II, we expanded our sales to oversea countries, mainly to China and the surrounding areas such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and recorded the highest export volume of beauty soaps in our industry. From this time onward Cow Brand Soap became very popular locally as well as abroad. Then, waging an escalating war, in 1945, our factory burned down in the year of Japan’s defeat in the war.

Flier of post-war rationing system

In the post war years, there were severe supply shortages, and with the termination of the war reconstruction work of our factory, the reorganization of our company was started. Then our business had grown steadily in step with the Japan’s economic recovery.

Posters around 1950

Meanwhile, we realize the need for a bold and drastic action to make our installation and equipment as modern as possible and we were able to rationalize our manufacturing system into a sound “from raw materials to finished beauty soap” production method. We also completed our nation-wide sales network at that time.

Yasuda factory finished in 1963

In 1963, we constructed our Yasuda factory which became, in both name and reality, the largest, full-scale, modern factory in Japan, specializing in the manufacture of beauty soaps. We are proud of the fact that we are always on the top with our very large share of the market as well as the quality of our products. In order to conform to the requirements of the changing patterns of life, we are regularly adding new products to our line of body soaps, hand soaps, face washes, shampoos, conditioners, bath products, men’s cosmetics, etc., and leading the way for a healthier, cleaner and refreshing life.

R&D laboratory completed in 1971

In 1971, our Central Research Laboratory was completed. We are continuously bringing in the latest techniques and equipment and we know that it will play a very important role in the creation of numerous “visionary” products which will assure us the big advance we will make towards the future society.

Something never changes

After having entered into a full-fledged information society In the 1990s, the rapid spread of the Internet helped to promote diversification of merchandise. It is therefore necessary for companies to develop and launch products that meet the consumers’ needs. Meanwhile, people can buy almost anything through the Internet.

Under such circumstances, what kind of products can we provide and what do we want to pursue all through the ages? We aim to provide the products for beauty, cleanliness and health to enhance the well-being and lifestyles of each and every customer.

Despite changes in life styles, market environment and needs of the time, we have unchanged philosophy and tradition in the history of our company; our perpetual drive for the products quality and safety for the benefit of people’s beauty, cleanliness and health as well as the products to meet the needs.